Why we are here

Mission: SCIRE Veterans Biomedical Research Foundation advances the health and well-being of Veterans of all generations through high quality education, community partnerships, and innovative research.

SCIRE is unique because of its focus on health issues that affect Veterans. The research process starts with a tight focus on the everyday health needs and concerns of Veterans. Solutions are identified and developed through careful, rigorous research in labs and clinics, and sometimes in the community. The solutions are then disseminated through publications and go to inform patient care, or translated into new or improved programs.

SCIRE is a not-for-profit research corporation, dedicated to its vision that every Veteran will receive the finest research-based care. SCIRE fosters dynamic collaborations with VA Long Beach Healthcare System, Research, University of California, Irvine, other federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private industry—thus furthering the program’s impact on the health of Veterans and the nation.