Dr. Tonnu-Mihara Bio

Name: Ivy Tonnu-Mihara, PharmD, MS
Email Address: Ivy.tonnu-mihara@va.gov
Title: Director, Clinical Pharmacy Programs Development and Research
VA Long Beach Healthcare System
National Pharmacist Consultant
Centers for Excellence in Primary Care Education
VHA, Office of Academic Affiliations
Dr. Tonnu-Mihara is a Health Outcomes Researcher,

Health outcomes research studies the end results of medical care – the effect of the health care process on the health and well-being of patients and populations. The field of outcomes research emerged from a growing concern about which medical treatment work best and for whom. Moreover, the field of health outcomes research combines several types of research that together are providing better information to doctors and patients. This contributes to more informed decision making which will help improve the value for the health care dollar. These include studies of the variations in medical practice patterns, such as effectiveness research assesses which treatment for specific clinical problems work best for whom, appropriateness studies determine the circumstance in which a procedure should and should not be performed, research that develops tools to identify patient preferences when treatment options are available and research that creates methods to measure changes in health status and patient satisfaction with the healthcare process. Health outcomes research touches all aspects of health care delivery, from the clinical encounter itself to questions of the organization, financing and regulation of the healthcare system.