Use of Purchase Orders

It is the policy of SCIRE to utilize a purchase order system. A properly completed purchase order shall be required for all purchases of goods and services, with the exception of travel advances and expense reimbursements, which require the preparation of a separate form described elsewhere in this manual. It is the responsibility of the person preparing the Purchase Order Request to indicate the specific account that is to be charged for the expense.

Responsibility for Purchasing

Principal Investigators who have open accounts with sufficient fund balances shall have the authority to initiate purchase requests on behalf of their departments, within the guidelines set forth in SCIRE’s Financial Policies Manual. In addition, PI’s may delegate purchasing authority to responsible individuals within their department. PI’s must inform SCIRE of all individuals that may initiate purchases or prepare purchase orders, and any maximum amount allowed, if applicable. SCIRE shall maintain a current list of all staff that has signature authority for their respective PI’s.

It is the responsibility of the PI to notify SCIRE if an employee’s purchasing authority has been rescinded.

Reimbursement Policy

Unless prior approval has been obtained, SCIRE will not guarantee payment to vendors or reimbursement to any individual for purchases made without SCIRE Purchase Order Number authorization. SCIRE will not reimburse any individual for the unauthorized purchase of goods or equipment that will be stored anywhere off LBVA property. Any exception to this policy must have written approval of the SCIRE Executive Director before the purchase is made. Any equipment approved for off site storage must be personally inspected and tagged with a SCIRE property tag by the Purchasing Agent. SCIRE will not reimburse for any goods or services that are purchased for the primary benefit of an individual. Equipment such as personal computers and peripherals that are purchased for home use are assumed to be for the personal benefit of the purchaser and will not be authorized for purchase or reimbursement without written affirmation from the purchaser that the equipment is to be used solely for LBVA approved research and is not for personal use. Approval and justification by the chief of the investigator’s healthcare group must also be obtained for the use of SCIRE owned equipment off-site.

Use of Preferred Vendors

SCIRE has made arrangements with several computer stores that enables the Principal Investigator to purchase item(s) directly while at the store. It is imperative that you obtain a purchase order number prior to purchasing any items. The Purchasing Agent will provide you with SCIRE’s customer number. You must submit the original packing slip for our records. The store will invoice SCIRE directly for your purchase.

SCIRE has negotiated savings on individual item(s) or shipping charges with several vendors of office and medical supplies. These are a cost-savings to you, but you are not required to use these vendors.

Payment of Sales Tax

SCIRE is a separate corporation from the VA and therefore must pay sales tax on all purchases. A purchase must be made through the VA system to avoid paying sales taxes.