Prohibited Expenditures

It is the policy of SCIRE that the Corporation shall not incur any expenditures for political activities. For purposes of this policy, political activities shall be defined as any activity associated with the direct or indirect support or opposition of a candidate for elective public office at the federal, state or local level. Examples of prohibited political expenditures include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Contributions to political action committees
  2. Contributions to the campaigns of individual candidates for public office
  3. Contributions to political parties
  4. Expenditures to produce printed materials (including materials included in periodicals) that support or oppose candidates for political office or in support of or opposition to proposed congressional bills
  5. Expenditures for the placement of political advertisements in periodicals

It is the policy of SCIRE that no assets or human resources of the Corporation shall be utilized for political activities, as defined above. This prohibition extends to the use of Corporation assets or human resources in support of political activities that are engaged in personally by board members, members of the management, employees, or any other representatives of SCIRE. While there is no prohibition against these individuals engaging in political activities personally (on their own time, and without representing that they are acting on behalf of the Corporation), these individuals must at all times be aware that Corporation resources cannot at any time be utilized in support of political activities.

Corporation assets or human resources may be used to support NAVREF sponsored activities, such as meeting with elected representatives or sending letters to encourage support for VA funded research.