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Featured Article

On a hellish day in Iraq, he watched his friend burn.
Should he have done more, he wondered?


Photography and video by RICK LOOMIS

Featured Article

New Drug Combination Treats Hepatitis C Patients also infected with HIV
Novel treatment has 97 percent success rate in co-infected patients

July 21, 2015 | Michelle Brusker


P.I. Accolades & Opportunities

New Publications


  • Dr. Samar Azawi’s article “SU-E-J-17: Intra-Fractional Prostate Movement Correction During Treatment Delivery Period for Prostate Cancer Using the Intra-Fractional Orthogonal KV-MV Image Pairs”
  • Dr. Ian Gordon’s article  “Less Than Total Excision of Infected Prosthetic PTFE Graft Does Not Increase the Risk of Reinfection”
  • Dr. Moti Kashyap’s article “Association of Serum Lipids with Outcomes in Hispanic Hemodialysis Patients of the West versus East Coasts of the United States”
  • Dr. Ellis Levin’s article “Extranuclear steroid receptors are essential for steroid hormone actions”
  • Dr. Arnold Seto’s article “Coronary perforation: What color is your parachute?”

Research Opportunity & Services through UCI

Research Consult Service for Patient Referrals

Please contact Aliya Asghar ( to create a link for your research study in CPRS where providers can refer patients. There will also be a brochure for your study in CPRS that providers can print out and give to patients.

Tom Sorter Leaving
Tom will not longer be our STAR Attorney as of Labor Day. For more information
about the transition, please contact Tom at

Clinical Coordinators Corner

CLIA Certificate
**Please click here for the updated VALB CLIA certificate which you need for your regulatory files.**

Clinical Research Forms will be updated later this week.

Important note: Marlene St. John resigned from her position at SCIRE, and her last
day is September 4, 2015. Please send all contracts and grants related information
to Rachel Heffner. (

IRB Update

Ever wonder why initial submissions take so long to review?

Once you have submitted your new project to the IRB, we will do a quick review.
The main thing we look at is whether all the proper & current forms are included
and signed. Once we have done a quick review, we then make 3 copies of your submission.
Three different people separately review your project. These people are: 1) An IRB
Pre-Reviewer 2) The Information Security Officer and 3) The Privacy Officer.
Please click here to read about the entire Initial Review Process…

Summer Scholars Research Program

Educating Local High School Students
Congratulations to our 3 local high school students, Daniel Dochev, Timothy Schaeffer,
and Christian Lapitan, for completion of the SCIRE Summer Scholars Research Program!
Click here to learn more.

We want to hear from YOU

Do you have a newly funded project? A new publication? An announcement? A news article?
We want to feature this information in future eNewsletters. Email with your submission.

Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Professional Development
Do you love being a Clinical Research Coordinator? Did you know there is a certification
program to become a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator? Click here to learn more.

“I had always liked to see myself as a naturalist or explorer. I had explored many
strange, neuropsychological lands – the furthest Arctics and Tropics of neurological
disorder.” – Dr. Oliver Sacks in “A Leg to Stand On” (1984), about his own experiences recovering
from muscle surgery